Manager Catering Marketing Events and Business Development Chantilly

Manager Catering Marketing Events and Business Development

Full Time • Chantilly
Manager Catering Marketing Events and Business Development



3454 Historic Sully Way

Chantilly, VA 20151


Role Summary

Specifically this role is an ambassador, leader and critical component in ensuring that Chick-fil-A Chantilly Air and Space is successful in the following areas:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Community Relations/Development & Partnerships
  • Yearly & Quarterly Planning
  • Catering Execution and Growth Strategy Implementation
  • Customer Relationship and Retention within Catering
  • Vision and Service Model compliance throughout all areas of oversight.
  • Required to be thoroughly engaged in all business operations during all business hours, holidays, and weekends (both day and night).
  • Serve as an operational restaurant leader to ensure continuity of business operations and restaurant leadership
General Responsibilities:

  • Develop a restaurant culture of hospitality and sales-focused team members and leaders. A culture of product knowledge, excitement and generosity. Incorporate this into training, ongoing development, communications and everyday culture. Think Teavana, Apple, Zappo’s. This is a culture change.
  • Maintain vision alignment with the Operator and the leadership team.
  • Create a center of excellence for area of responsibility by creating, leading, and implementing systems that will be the standard for innovation and high performance teams throughout Chick-fil-A.
Marketing Responsibilities:

  • Oversee marketing budget.
  • Execute marketing plan and measure results.
  • Represent the Operator and Chick-fil-A at community events.
  • Work alongside the Marketing Director to build community relationships, sales building ideas and ongoing sales innovation streams.
  • Establish good will and build sales through DOC and PAL coupon distribution.
  • Develop and execute cross-promotions with other merchants in the surrounding areas.
  • Develop and execute Business of the Day program.
  • Promotion tracking & analysis.
  • Redemption tracking & analysis.
  • Maintain restaurant website; update with current promotions.
  • Manage donation requests.
  • Manage and execute Food Distribution plan (at least once per week).
  • Work to increase sales by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and finding new revenue streams and customer acquisition streams.
  • Actively and aggressively go after mutually-beneficial partnerships within the community.
  • Build relationships with “Community Influencers” in every Industry – Retail, Restaurants, Finance, Tourism, Hotels, Education, Construction, etc. Build relationships/contacts and work to foster relationships for sales growth.
  • Activate strong relationship with government’s Office.
  • Oversee social media plan/e-blasts & text messaging programs.
  • Execute events strategy based on Marketing Plan.
  • Ensure all communications are in compliance with Chick-fil-A graphic and logo standards.
  • Distribute appropriate marketing materials to appropriate staff.
  • Track coupon redemptions; sort for month-end packages.
  • Ensure sampling is being maximized on a daily basis.
  • Ensure POP materials are up and all store merchandising is well-coordinated (one consistent message).
  • Develop and execute Team Member Contests tied to results.
  • Maintain restaurant website; update with current promotions.
  • Manage and execute Food Distribution plan based on 1% marketing credit.
  • Activate the Cow whenever possible and appropriate. 
Catering Responsibilities:

  • Drive sales growth mentality and encourage creativity and innovation in catering growth.
  • Develop and execute innovative ways to acquire new catering customers and revenue streams.
  • Complete weekly sales growth objectives and customer contact quotas.
  • Build strong personal connections with admins and purchasers throughout community.
  • Develop CRM functions within Pipedrive including what information is stored and how often guests should be contacted, etc.
  • Ensure “Suggestive Selling” is taking place throughout catering team.
  • Maintain and implement documentation around all catering procedures and training program for team leaders around catering.
  • Appropriately handle all catering customer issues, play a positive role in customer recovery.
  • Ensure timely response to all contact by customers- No more than 24 hours.

  • Strategic thinker, Goal-oriented, Tech-savvy
  • Completed all necessary eTRAIN material.
  • Great communicator both in handling difficult situations and a diverse team.
  • Mature, dependable and results-oriented
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Very detailed oriented & keenly observant
  • Professional marketing or communications experience
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Maintains a number of business and professional community contacts
  • Self-starter, creative and flexible
  • Ability to work well with the public/network
  • Outgoing/friendly
  • Good business sense, achiever
  • Affinity for sales/marketing
  • Good written/verbal communicator
  • Good negotiation skills
  • Strong project/time management skills
  • Strong follow-through on assignments
  • Proven history of consistently performing at a high level
  • 2nd Mile Service is second nature
  • Unquestionable integrity and represents Chick-fil-A well
  • Anticipates problems before they happen
  • Passionate about building relationships with clients
  • Able to lift 40 - 60 pounds on a consist basis
  • Able to work well independently and in a team environment
  • Servant spirit with strong sense of stewardship
  • Self-starter who completes tasks without excessive supervision
Preferred qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree or above, preferably in a business or marketing field of study
  • Experience as a leader food service operations
  • Years of Experience: 2
  • Travel Requirements: 25% (Local market only)
  • Bilingual: English and Spanish
  • This is a full time position.
  • This person must be skilled in time management.
  • This person must be self-directed and highly organized.
  • This person must master all knowledge and skills of every position in the Restaurant.
Minimum Age

21+ years old

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